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Our History

A Family Tradition of Dignified Service

/LynchandSons-WalledLake/History/Chief Oil Painting.jpgEdward J. Lynch, Jr. (1924-1992) is The Lynch of Lynch & Sons Funeral Directors. Together with his childhood sweetheart and wife for life, Rosemary O’Hara Lynch (1924-1989) they raised a family of six sons and three daughters who they taught to “Love One Another”. Their deep faith allowed them to instill the same in each of their children, with daily prayers of “God Bless You”. Their exemplary lives of service to others through funeral service was such a powerful example of meaningful living that seven of their nine children chose to follow them into careers in funeral service.

/LynchandSons-WalledLake/History/Edward-Rosemary.jpgAfter returning from military service to his country in the US Marine Corps during WWll, and following his marriage to Rosemary, Edward became a licensed funeral director in 1948. Earning a reputation for honesty, integrity and compassion, he believed that the most valuable asset of any funeral director was the trust and confidence of the community he or she served.

On June 13th 1974 a lifetime dream of Edward and Rosemary was fulfilled when they became owners of their own funeral home with the purchase of the former Richardson-Bird Funeral Home in Walled Lake and another in a nearby community. At this time their son, Timothy J. Lynch, Sr. and his wife Jennifer, moved into this funeral home, and as Tim’s parents had done before them, began a life of service to their community while raising their three children while living above this funeral home.
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In 1977, with three of their sons and a son in law, Edward and Rosemary formed Lynch & Sons Funeral Directors and this became the name of the three funeral home locations they owned. In 1988 Tim and Jennifer purchased the Walled Lake location fulfilling their lifetime dream of owning their own funeral home.

/LynchandSons-WalledLake/History/familyjpg.jpgAll three of Tim and Jennifer’s children became licensed funeral directors. Timothy J. Lynch, Jr. was licensed in 1998. Kevin F. Lynch and Katie Lynch Capstick were both licensed in 2002. Katie’s husband Mark E. Capstick also became a licensed funeral director in 2004. To make the dream of funeral home ownership available to the next generation of their family Tim Sr. and Jennifer, along with their children and their spouses expanded Lynch & Sons Funeral Directors to Oxford and Lapeer with the 2002 purchase of the Bossardet Funeral Home and the 2004 purchase of the Baird-Newton Funeral Home. These locations are now Lynch & Sons Funeral Directors Bossardet Chapel and Lynch & Sons Funeral Directors Capstick Chapel.

/LynchandSons-WalledLake/History/G G Justen Website.jpgThe extensive remodeling and addition to the Walled Lake Funeral Home completed in 1998 as well as the expansion of Lynch & Sons Funeral Directors to Oxford and Lapeer were all made possible by the trust, confidence and financial assistance of Jennifer's parents, James and Vada Justen, making our family firm truly a multi-generational endeavor to provide better care to families in need of our personal, professional services.

Currently, Timothy J. Lynch, Jr. is the licensed manager of the Walled Lake location, Kevin F. Lynch is the licensed manager of the Oxford location and Mark E. Capstick is the licensed manager of the Lapeer location. At each of these locations these men are assisted daily by their loving and supportive wives, Jamie, Melissa, and Katie, who as Jennifer and Rosemary did before them, make it possible for their husbands to be available twenty four hours a day 365 days a year to be of assistance to families in need of their services. Tim Sr. and Jennifer assist their children at each of these locations and have the pleasure of witnessing the gratitude that families express for the exceptional personal service that their family provides to the communities that they each live in and serve in. This is how we honor the memory of Edward and Rosemary, our Founders, and live “A Family Tradition Of Dignified Service”.

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